Hello Hodlers👋,

English map coming soon.
  • We will share 20% of OpenSea payments among all Hodler tokens. Token owners will be able to claim received rewards on our website.
  • 20% of pre-release payments from OpenSea will also be shared with the community on the day we release the smart contract.
  • OpenSea usually disburses payments every 2–4 weeks.
  • The smart contract for rewards distribution has been written and is going through testing now.
  • We hope we will be able to provide an exact release date in the next developer update.
  • Estimated time of feature arrival is the first…

What is a Name-Changing-Token (NCT)?

Step 1:

  • The Name changing feature release is planned for Wednesday, 4th August. You will be able to change your name dynamically using Name-Changing Tokens (NCTs).
  • A detailed guide about name-changing flow will be posted in the next 2 days.
  • We are going to airdrop a total of 100k NCT tokens among random wallets on release day and during the week after release.

  • We are going to release the name-changing functionality next week. We will announce the exact date and more details later this week. The feature will be implemented using a Name-Changing-Token (NCT) mechanic, so you will be able to dynamically change the name of your Hodlers any time you want.
  • Royalties distribution contract is under development. We are going to share 20% of the OS royalties between all tokens.
  • More art, stories, and…

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